Why I should always take my medication

I should take my meds as prescribed because I’m a sussy baka.

If I don’t take enough anti-depressants, I will go to horny jail. One of the benefits of most anti-depressants is limited chemical castration. So it is good for me.

Gosh, I only take half the dose of anti-depressants 2 days in a row and I feel like a disgusting puerile, horny teen boy!

Therefore meds have their benefits, so I don’t act like a sussy baka around women who serve me at the bubble tea place.

I think I was hallucinating too. A hot Asian woman was standing next to me at the bus stop, she takes a sip of water from her drink bottle, then she starts eating a banana! If only my mind wasn’t so sick, I’d think nothing of a banana!

I’m a sussy baka when not on my full dose of anti-depressants.

I can’t believe it

I see some news that is incredible. According to a piece of news, Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese prime minister, was shot dead in Nara. Is this fake news? Seems crazy.

I’ve often seen news which I couldn’t believe. Are the police altering news to scare me? I hope I’m not such a wicked person as to call for that.

I know China is mucking about in far-east Asia, but that is common news. The more radical news articles is simply bewildering.

Maybe giving money to charity is enough to irritate big tech into annoying me (feeling suspicious).