War Planet

I finally managed to screenshot a battle on War Planet: Global Conquest. My empire is not doing too well. It is being attacked by people who pay to play the game. I just play this game for fun, not for being a professional.

I miss my soul. Life is cold. I try to meditate, but I need more medication to be successful at meditation. I really wish I could fall asleep while meditating. It means I’m getting very relaxed while meditating if I do fall asleep.

God bless all my regular visitors!

War Planet

I think this game is called War Planet Online: Global Conquest. I downloaded it for free from the play store. It has in-app purchases.

I was about to call it Warcraft or something. LOL.

I have played it for a very long time. Much like I have played the mods for Civ 4 for a very long time.

I wish the combat was quicker in Civ 4 and Civ 5. I haven’t downloaded Civ 6 because I want to save money for a rainy day.