After tennis

It was so hard just to play 35 minutes against my younger cousin. I won 6/3, but it was a hard struggle. I couldn’t make it to many balls. My younger cousin is fitter than me. Luckily, he had his father to play with him.

My cousin forgot as well! But he came anyway at 4pm, with his father. He was about to only play with his father, he completely forgot about me!

I talked to a Chinese lady at the pro shop. She asked ‘where did you learn Chinese?’ I replied ‘At this university.’ The University of Queensland has a school which uses its classrooms for night courses. So I learnt Chinese at night classes at UQ.

I told my friends online that I had spoken to a stranger. They laughed. But most women feel uncomfortable when approached by a stranger, unless I’m very handsome. Which I’m not.

I weigh 120kg, and am 180cm tall. So I am quite fat. I need to lose 45kg before I look ok. Maybe my face needs a better jawline.


Tae Kung fu

I finally remember why I was in such a sour mood today. I had a bad dream last night! It was about being back in Tae Kwon Do again, where I was being put down by the instructor. I was also taking a bus back home for a long distance late at night. Reminds me of when I was manic while not taking enough medication!

Life sucks. My blog sucks. I never got good at martial arts or tennis. I can hardly do 5 to 10 push ups. Here is a video from YouTube of my poor performance at martial arts.

I did Tae Kwon Do for at least 9 months without stopping before my first breakdown. Now, I never go to any exercise except social tennis. The last competitor who played against me in social tennis said ‘we are both a bit rusty.’ So I never was good at tennis. Nor am I agile.