My arm is slightly sore

My right arm hurts a little after my depot 2 days ago. It was the deltoid that I had my needle into.

I bless the nursing staff at the general practice. They had some helpful tips for me on how to lose weight.

Today I should be going to a barbeque with my support services. I hope this time it comes about.

I am sometimes lonely, even though I live with my parents and 7 cats. But I am glad my parents and cats are still alive.

I wish I had some wisdom to impart. I have not been very humble lately. I have been trying to bless my enemies, but I usually just take an insult when it comes.


Face in the crowd

I was a little lonely today. I found out my cousin was making many lady friends. I felt a little depressed. I’m just a single person. I try to practice celibacy, to not bother women, or waste anybody else’s time.

I talked to a lady tonight at social tennis. She was from Japan. She had a western accent. She was nice to me. I didn’t tell her I had a disability. I don’t think she would of wanted to talk to me if I told her I had a schizo disorder.

But, overall, life is very lonely. It does teach me humility. It teaches me to love my enemies, and not be embittered towards them. God bless all people who have corrected me.