God bless, brother

Shout out to all my homies in China, who with great humility do their jobs in life, and with toil successfully achieve their goals and ambitions in life.

I could never survive in China, unless my parents looked after me, due to my mental illness which causes deterioration in my psyche. When I first got sick and was at Brisbane State High School, I was psycho-retarded. It was a real tragedy. I couldn’t study, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, because the voices were relentlessly accusing me.

I certainly would not be able to get into Beijing University. And it would be a waste of money for my parents to send me there, as I’d never be able to get a job anywhere, due to my disability.

So shout out to all my friends on qq who are really successful and ambitious in life. Chase excellence, not women.

Shout out to mr human for his continued grace and kindness to me. You are a legend, brother! Play PUBG as much as you please!


Nobody cares

I feel so cold and alone. This feels like the cold of Tartarus. Hell is both too hot and too cold at the same time.

I’d like to apologize to all my friends whom I’ve offended with my various ungrateful and evil words I’ve said to them. I hope you find it within your heart to forgive me, as I have autism and schizoaffective disorder.

Life is a nightmare. Even in the midst of comfort, we feel lonely and without God. I just hope God gives rest to all those of my family and friends who have fallen asleep – the sleep of death.

I can’t even speak other languages properly. The blogs I write are at a year 7 English standard. I tried to write Chinese and Japanese but they are at a grade 1 equivalent standard.

I give a shout out to all my qq friends who read my blog. I uninstalled qq from my tablet. Now I can’t find qq international or tencent qq in the play store. Guess Scott Morrison really hates Chinese enterprises.

Forgive me, it is all my fault. But then again, nobody cares. I will be left all alone, in the end.