5 days after my depot

When I stepped on the scales at the beginning of the day, I had lost weight! I weighed 119.2kg when I stepped on the scales this morning, so it could indicate that my appetite is not so ravenous as before. Though I wouldn’t risk increasing my medication, as I feel relatively fine.

But my tablet has something wrong with the microphone, so when it records videos, the sound is too quiet. I wish I could do some exercise and put it on YouTube, but I think it wouldn’t attract many views.

I hope I can lose weight to about 70kg. 70kg would be a nice weight. Not too heavy, not too light. But anything over 90kg for my height and ethnicity is way too much.

I think I’m finding meaning in life. So long as the government doesn’t stop paying the disability pensions and China doesn’t invade, I should be relatively happy on my meds for the long haul.

I wish the best for the countries that have been Orthodox in the past. Even though I practise mindfulness meditations, I still have that longing nostalgia for an Orthodox country, such as Old Russia, or Serbia, or Romania. God bless the Orthodox nations.