I apologise to all females I’ve ever asked out

I wouldn’t call myself an Incel, because I looked up that on wikipedia. It means ‘involutary celibate’. But when I read more in the wikipedia article, it said Incel was a form of misogynistic terrorism! I am not a terrorist, or at least, I hope not, if the police ask me if I’m a terrorist, then I will say ‘Yes! It’s all true! Lock me up, as I’m too hideous for society!’

I really don’t have the humility to realise I’m disabled, autistic and fat, so therefore I shouldn’t try to ask out women. Fortunately, I haven’t asked out women for years, or at least I hope I haven’t. Cheers to involuntary celibacy, or in my cases, celibacy for the sake of not inconveniencing women! God bless feminism!

I like to apologize to all the women I’ve ever had the nerve to ask out. I looked at this video. Man, am I ugly. Again, apologies. I shall practice voluntary celibacy from now on. God bless!