‘Christians’ is a book title by the journalist Greg Sheridan. He has written other books that are in the library. I picked up this book from the religious section in the library. I enjoy reading it.

I try to keep to myself nowadays. I don’t do any more evangelism, because I’m the biggest hypocrite. And I believe, some good comes of other belief systems, like the mindfulness that sprung forth from Buddhist teaching.

I wish my life had more meaning. But, I guess life is what you make it.

I wish I had a title

My cousin and her family are over my place. They are a little loud, as my cousin’s children are very young.

We fed them pizza. They enjoyed the pizza. Gosh my sentences are short.

I wish I had a topic or a title today. I had no dreams last night that I remember or recall. So I received no divine insight or revelation.

When I encounter children, I really am thankful that I didn’t marry or have kids. Marriage and raising a family is just too stressful.

I miss the gift of the Holy Spirit. I mean, I miss when I had self-controlled mania. The last time I had that was in 2005. I lost my mind in February 2006. I personally wished my mania would never of ended. I thought of myself as ‘single for the sake of pleasing God.’ Now I realise I’m too ill to marry.

I miss my soul. I have an idea of what will happen to my soul after death. As Jesus said ‘be ye perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect.’ I am not perfect. I can not love my enemies. But I’m getting better, with mindfulness meditation.

Help yourself with mindfulness

I was at the local Greek Orthodox Church today in the morning to celebrate St John the Baptist. I forget what the precise name for the weekday service was called. Anyway, I enjoyed being there for the most part, except for when the thought entered my mind of the memory of being offended by some of the parishioners and the parish priest.

Everything was blissful and great until those thoughts arose. So I went away from the church feeling bitter and resentful. What could I of done instead? I will give some advice from mindfulness.

You can either A) replace the memory with a happy thought B) say ‘Lord Jesus Christ have mercy, hoping He will get rid of the troubling memory C) replace the memory with a reminder that I need to be humbled so as to cultivate humility, and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for their humiliation of me D) stop thinking altogether by focusing on the breath.

These things normally are excellent for the person without mental health issues, but the mentally ill person has to struggle a lot more with his thoughts than a normal person does. Hope this advice helps some people who stumble upon my blog!