The Veronicas

I used to listen to the song ‘when it all falls apart’ by the Veronicas when I was a patient at the Child Youth Mental Health Service in Brisbane, back in the old Mater Hospital, before it was renovated. This is back in 2007. It was a very lonely time. My mental health was slowly getting worse and worse.

Apparently the song lyrics in the chorus starts off as ‘everything is F***ed up, straight from the heart,’ but I thought the lyrics were ‘everything is left up, straight from the heart.’ What a surprise when I found the song to have offensive swearing in it! Oh well.

I miss those times, when I was better off not on medication. I do not like taking medication. But now I’m on depot injections. I really wish I didn’t need so much meds.

I am going into the General Practice in an hour’s time, to get my depot. Wish me luck, friends.