I am Master Keai

What could you do differently?

As master oogway once said ‘if she says your pipi is small, her mother you shall call.’

Just kidding. I have no quotes on that kind of ‘mastery’.

My friend just called me, but I feel like a bag of testosterone, as I’ve been on 5 days semen retention. It’s not a good feeling.

But enough on that topic, how’s everybody else going? Nobody likes my super boring blog.

I try to be celibate, but evidently, I’m still plagued by desire. I probably won’t share the dreams I had last night, either.

God bless you all.

Mr Tate

Andrew Tate has gone from being an incel to being in-cell.

He has recently been arrested in romania for being a alpha male.

Actually, I don’t know precisely what date in 2022 he was arrested, and I don’t know why he was arrested.

But basically, he was the king of the incels. He was my Lord. Lol kidding.

I’m a voluntary celibate, not an involuntary celibate.

I apologize for being ugly. I apologize for asking out women. I apologize for being weird.

God bless you all. Hope Andrew Tate enjoys his time in prison!

On solipsism

Solipsism is a complex belief I don’t know much about. But basically, I am sometimes a solipsist, because I believe that, as my inner reality is, so is my outer reality.

I believe, because I violated my vow of celibacy to God when I became mentally ill, I have been living in a form of hell. But to escape hell, I must endure every bad thing with all humility, thanking God for the trial.

I read about a monk and a nun in the Carmelite order who got married. I was so happy for them. I’d love to marry a nun. But I’m just plain ugly, so nobody wants to marry me.

As David Goggins once said, nobody is coming to save me.

I am religious, as much as I dislike church

Well, I am religious, as much as others would be uncomfortable with that.

Yes, I am honest. But sometimes I am glad hardly anyone views my blog. Sometimes I say stuff I would never say in real to anybody, because I wonder if I’m coming down with narcissism.

I think something went badly wrong with my brain when I was a small child. Such as a thought goes wrong, and it sticks with me for the rest of my life.

I feel I think I’m a Saint, because I can’t cope with everybody being better than me. I just must make myself the best at something. Why not something as ambiguous and immeasurable as piety? But ultimately, thinking I’m a Saint may be a symptom of my schizophrenia.

I can’t cope with being a loser, especially when I am socially rejected at church. I can not cope with my hormones, especially if I can’t look after kids.

I have been celibate once in my life. For about 9 months in 2005, when I was in cadets. They didn’t allow fraternisation at cadets. So I was obedient to that, both when at cadets and outside cadets.

Now I’m a broken man.


I read about post stealing on a friend’s blog, and I thought ‘well, I wish I was popular enough for people to want to post steal from me.’ But I guess my blogs are just cringe. I am so cringe.

My blogs are so cringe that nobody wants to post steal from me. I don’t really understand how it works. My blogs must be pretty boring. Maybe it is just because I’m an incel lol.

Anyway, keep up the good work, my fans. You are all awesome. Plus, it takes only the literacy of a year 8 student to write my blogs. Lol.

God bless everybody. Iakovos out.

Last day before my overdue depot

Well, I was hoping I wasn’t going manic. On some days, I am feeling really stressed, with a painful feeling in my chest, on other days, I seem to talk too much.

Usually my problems compound after the 3rd week of being on the depot. My depot is currently set for every 4 weeks, but according to a mental health professional, the depot should stay in my system for at least 5 weeks. But it is recommended I at least take my depot every 28 days.

I was watching something about Johnny Bravo being an incel on YouTube. It lifted my spirits and gave me something to laugh at. I am not the ‘King’ of the incels, I’m just a medicated incel, so hopefully I won’t get angry at anybody. I keenly remember the wrong things said to me by other people when I’m in a sour mood.

Medication is a great chemical lobotomy. It prevents me from expressing extreme emotion. It is like an emotional flattener.

The world could do with more humility. I am glad to be a limited example of humility to others in my life and at church. But it is more of a lobotomy than true humility. Anyway, back to my life of being an incel. Ciao!

I have no talent

I make the library cleaner uncomfortable. I make so many other ladies uncomfortable, too. Especially librarians. Even though I don’t really talk much to them. But they can see me looking at them.

My best friends are my male friends, as females don’t want to be friends with me. I bless both genders of my friends. Or what little friends I have.

I am what Australians term a ‘Nigeal’. It means a person with no friends. That’s me all right.

I wish I was more popular in primary school. I should of gone to a vocational college instead of a posh school. It’s all my fault. I have poor decision making processes.

Thanks to my subs

Thank you to all my subscribers. It means a lot to me.

I wish I had more to say.

My sore throat is getting better. I still have to learn how to starve myself. The only way to lose weight on medication is to starve yourself.

I wish I had more things to do in my life. But being afraid of driving makes it very difficult to get around to activities that I would like to be participating in.

If I could drive, I’d go to a new church or go back to tai chi. But I’m not going to work on my phobias, because I’m not good at anything.

God bless you all.

Ugly desu ka?

Hai ugly desu. It means ‘am I ugly?’ The million dollar answer is ‘Yes, I am ugly.’

I was walking behind a good looking asian lady on the way to the petrol station. After I had bought items from the petrol station, I went and said to her ‘pardon me’ and she let me sit down, then she got up.

I said to her ‘thanks for giving me a seat.’ She said ‘u r alright.’ But she didn’t ask me any questions. I have a feeling she was going on the bus to meet with her boyfriend (a chad) and didn’t want to talk to another guy.

I take risks in meeting female strangers because I am schizoaffective, meaning I have a bipolar component to my schizophrenia.

I sat outside the Greek church for nearly 2 hours. No single women wanted to talk to me, so I just left. I must look really low-value.

Ugly desu ka? Yes, indeed I am. God bless you for thinking thus.

After tennis

It was so hard just to play 35 minutes against my younger cousin. I won 6/3, but it was a hard struggle. I couldn’t make it to many balls. My younger cousin is fitter than me. Luckily, he had his father to play with him.

My cousin forgot as well! But he came anyway at 4pm, with his father. He was about to only play with his father, he completely forgot about me!

I talked to a Chinese lady at the pro shop. She asked ‘where did you learn Chinese?’ I replied ‘At this university.’ The University of Queensland has a school which uses its classrooms for night courses. So I learnt Chinese at night classes at UQ.

I told my friends online that I had spoken to a stranger. They laughed. But most women feel uncomfortable when approached by a stranger, unless I’m very handsome. Which I’m not.

I weigh 120kg, and am 180cm tall. So I am quite fat. I need to lose 45kg before I look ok. Maybe my face needs a better jawline.