Talking to new people

I use a dating app to communicate with new people. Apparently, I’m only allowed to initiate new conversation with another person twice every 24 hours. So I don’t get much opportunity to make new friends. Thank God I don’t have to pay for that app.

I might terminate my paid subscription to WordPress by next year. I’m simply not getting enough advertising. I make zero advertising revenue. Nobody much cares about my blog. Oh well.

Apart from that, a new support worker came over. He told me that not everybody despises me, particularly young women. I’m getting over the hill when it comes to dating. I should accept mandatory celibacy, as nobody wants me, once they hear my life story.

Oh well. Nothing I can do. Hope this short post enlightens the reader as to my circumstances. Read the other posts on this blog to find out about my condition. My mind isn’t full of faeces altogether….

Going to confession wasn’t so bad

Today is 02/09/21. I went to confession with a priest for the first time in 3 years. It wasn’t too bad. He gave me a lot of gentle advice.

I belong in a Greek Orthodox Church in Brisbane. They are nice communities, usually the elderly go there, because life has taught them to appreciate what they have got. Mental illness has taught me humility too, it teaches me to depend totally on God. I am grateful for what God has given me.

Well, I try to be grateful for what God has given me. But apart from that, I have nothing much to say for today. I have no specific counsels nor themes, as my needs are largely taken care of, due to my Centrelink pension and my medication.

Confession is a life-giving sacrament, and it is good for the conscience. It’s nice just to have someone to talk to. It also gives great boldness to the soul on that fearful day of judgement, or at least that’s what I feel it does. But I shouldn’t accuse God, I should bless Him and thank Him for the trials He has sent me to test and purify me.