On negligence

It is a lonely road. Very few people care about what I’m going through. I just hope my life doesn’t end by suicide.

Life is lonely. I can’t imagine what it is like for people in hospital. I do pray for those in psychiatric asylums. I pray for those returning to the community.

But, on negligence. I am very negligent. I barely do my household chores. After a day of going to the library, I am too tired to do the dishes.

I am negligent in my spirituality too. I don’t really pray from a prayer book. I just pray while lying down. Talk about neglect in my prayer life.

I wish I had energy. I wish I wasn’t depressed. But each social mistake makes me more regretful of what I’ve said.

See you.


Diary entries 09/03/21 to 14/03/21

These are more diary entries of my relatively uneventful life. Honestly, I have no humility, otherwise I would accept abuse at work! Since I am afraid of bullying at work, so I don’t attempt to look for work, therefore I have no humility. But I encourage everybody to love their enemies, regardless of whether they are family, friends, or strangers.


My support worker took me to the University of Sunshine Coast Southbank Campus. It was a beautiful place with impressive architecture. It reminded me of the times I went to Southbank TAFE.


I went to a barbeque with my English conversation group today. I was compelled to cook the barbeque. I probably won’t go to another barbeque, as they don’t understand I lack the skills to cook a barbeque. One of my friends called me a woman.

Then afterwards, my parents took me to some caryards. Why do my parents want to buy another car? It’s like a kind of sickness. It takes a lot of humility on my part.

I saw my mom’s friend today at her house, and I got to see her cat. Then we went to coffee club at a shopping centre. It was nice. It makes me wish I had more things to do everyday.


The weather should be getting cooler soon. It is getting tough through the first month of autumn, as the weather is still like summer heat. I’d like at least 5 months of this year to be cool.

I didn’t go to church, but I did do some housework. My parents are at my cousin’s house teaching her kids the piano.