I must admit, I’ve met a lot of pretentious Christians in my time, both protestant and Orthodox.

I must admit, I wish they’d stop it.

Everybody eventually gets punished by God in according to the degree of their sins. Shakira might go to jail for tax evasion. Such a shame.

Everybody gets punished by God, whether in this life, or the next.

God bless you all, that you may be found righteous at the great white throne judgement!

My English is not very well

Lol. Most people who speak English really badly say ‘My English is not well,’ rather than ‘My English is really bad.’ If they never bothered to learn English, why are they in this country?

I could learn Chinese and Japanese and maybe even Korean better, if I was in the country where those languages were spoken. But I am afraid of travel, and I need a carer, due to my mental health concerns.

But life is boring. It is very difficult to make even one true friend in the world, much less meet one’s miss’s right, especially if one has a chronic and severe disability. Women are looking for protection and security from a man. Guess I have none.

Sigh, I don’t think I can be a monk either, as the Orthodox Churches have very low respect for me. If they don’t want the anti-christ to come, get your act together and start honouring others so God in heaven will honour you with continued existence!

But then again, no one cares.