The morning after my depot

The depot wasn’t too painful. My right arm doesn’t hurt too much. It was the deltoid that I got my depot injected into.

I’m glad I get to go see a medical professional every month. He has a lot of wisdom, particularly because he is a Russian Orthodox Christian.

When I stepped on the scales at the doctor’s office, I weighed 121kg. He said on my most recent blood test that everything was normal, except my cholesterol, which was a bit high. He recommended exercise and healthy eating, ie vegetables.

I am feeling great! I have been praying together with my friends. I hope my prayers make a difference in the world.

Things are not as bad as they could be. Maybe I have a guardian angel watching over me.


Half a month to my depot

I can’t really find a topic to talk about.

It is about 13 days until my next depot injection. I am glad I get depots. I think a tablet form of my medication would not be able to keep me well.

I do not liken myself to somebody having a brain defect. But sometimes I feel unbearable loneliness, and other painful emotions.

If I could keep it together without relying on medication, I would. But my faith is nearly non-existent, that’s why I have to take one day at a time.

I pray China doesn’t invade Taiwan, and start a world war. I hope Russia doesn’t obliterate Ukraine.

God bless the world and the universe.

The day after my depot and flu shot…

This screenshot is taken from a mod of Civilisation 4 Beyond the Sword called Caveman to Cosmos. I enjoy playing this mod most of all, there is so much variety of unit types. Currently, this game takes place in the Prehistoric Age, yet the military units are just so beautiful to watch.

I had my flu shot and injection of anti-psychotic yesterday. I slept a lot today. The body’s reaction to the flu shot is meant to make you really tired. I didn’t sleep early, but I did have a long nap after today’s activities.

Life isn’t so bad for a schizophrenic who is on medication without too many side effects. I’m getting slightly better at meditation. I am becoming a better person each day.