I’m surprised people read my blog

Once again, thank you to all my readers! You are all very much appreciated!

It’s been about 5 days since my last depot injection. I feel a little more self-controlled due to an increase in my medication.

I saw my psychiatrist today. I enjoy seeing him. Some psychiatrists have a nice bedside manner.

I enjoy seeing my doctor as well. He is the one that monitors my health and gives me my depot injection.

I arranged to see my psychiatrist every 6 months, to give my psychiatrist time to see clients who are in more desperate need of his services. I need to stay with my psychiatrist if in case I need to go into hospital because I became too overwhelmed with life.

Things that could cause me to seek a hospital admission include the death of a family member, an invasion of Australia by a foreign power, or suddenly there is not enough food being produced to feed the world, including my poor country, Australia.

I still pray for the world, that nothing too bad happens on a global scale.