It’s so lonely here…

This is a picture of the Holy Spirit, that beloved pigeon. I don’t have the Holy Spirit, or else I wouldn’t call Him a pigeon.

But there are other reasons why I don’t have the Holy Spirit. I am not grace-filled. I do not perform miracles. My prayers do not amount to anything. All my prayers for the healing of my friends go unanswered.

Our God is an all-consuming fire. Even in hell, His love predominates.

I sure wish the blessed pigeon would take me out of hell. Actually no, I like my disability, because I get free money in this country for being disabled. If God did heal me, I still wouldn’t know what to do with my life.

Even in hell, there is mercy. Even in hell, the pigeon still loves you.


The holy spirit

The Holy Spirit, how it departed from me!
Oh, how it wanted to be free
Of my raging insanity, of my hypocritical demeanour
Of my burning hatred, for all there is and more

I wish he’d come back, I wish I could call Him
But He has departed hence, the chances are slim
That He’d remember me, that I could save my soul
Life is all very cold.

Old age

I am advancing in years. I certainly wish I could prolong my life. But whatever for? All that I want is in heaven with God. Why prolong my agony any longer?

I wish all the best for everybody who reads my blog. I wish you all health, wealth, and success.

Life is a nightmare. With widespread violence, love is dwindling as well.

I wish the Holy Spirit would come back to warm up the world.

I thank my friend for coming over today to celebrate a mini divine liturgy. God bless you.