I feel good tonight

I feel like leaping over the moon. I had a lot of ladies smile at me in the shopping mall today. Although I only talked to one of them, I felt bliss. Like, there is no separation between me and others. Like we are all one.

I can sort of fit law of attraction with my Christian beliefs. I love to love my neighbour as myself. I love to be patient. I love to be kind to others. Maybe I’m reaping the rewards of my kindness to others.

I often pray for others. I almost feel like I’m in heaven. But I assume this is only temporary. I am not a monastic.

I bless all of you.

The last minute before new year’s day

Today I played empire earth, StarCraft 2, and halo infinite. I did qi gong and gentle stretches. So I feel good. I also had a mocha at 8pm, so I won’t get to sleep for a while.

My friend is coming over tomorrow. Hope he has a good sleep tonight. I will go with him to a fast food outlet tomorrow, while showing my vaccination certificate to the shop keepers.

Maybe Covid didn’t cause the end of the world. I am glad I have made it to 32 years old. I believe now they are letting off extra fireworks, as while I’m writing this, it is precisely 12am Saturday morning 1/1/22. It is wonderful the world didn’t destroy itself.

I’m glad that I have had a decent life, free from work. But I wish I stayed on my medication when I was young, or at least spent more time in tae kwon do or air force cadets. But alas, I am a weak person, with a lack of energy when not manic.

Happy new year 2022!