Why I should always take my medication

I should take my meds as prescribed because I’m a sussy baka.

If I don’t take enough anti-depressants, I will go to horny jail. One of the benefits of most anti-depressants is limited chemical castration. So it is good for me.

Gosh, I only take half the dose of anti-depressants 2 days in a row and I feel like a disgusting puerile, horny teen boy!

Therefore meds have their benefits, so I don’t act like a sussy baka around women who serve me at the bubble tea place.

I think I was hallucinating too. A hot Asian woman was standing next to me at the bus stop, she takes a sip of water from her drink bottle, then she starts eating a banana! If only my mind wasn’t so sick, I’d think nothing of a banana!

I’m a sussy baka when not on my full dose of anti-depressants.

I feel better today

I’m glad nobody cares for my ranting. You are all so kind to me.

I might ask the doctor for more anti-psychotics. I’m starting to get erotic hallucinations. I have a delusion that I’m God’s gift to women.

I hallucinated that a gorgeous young lady said hello to me at the bus stop. But when I talked to her, she seemed very disinterested. Not all is as it seems.

I’m plain ugly, that’s why.