Finding peace within ourselves

To my friends in China, who are forced to work or die, I have this advice for you, bear it with much humility. Try not to let your ego dictate what you want to do. Don’t be afraid of loneliness or rejection. Great is your reward in heaven.

I probably don’t understand the hardships of people living in China. I don’t understand the hardships of people who have to work for their money in this country! So please excuse me if my advice is very bad.

The Lord Jesus Christ didn’t remove a believer’s sinful tendencies, so the believer would be able to learn the art of spiritual combat, i.e. choosing the good and refusing and rejecting the bad. When a Christian fights against his sinful inclinations (passions) he strengthens his willpower, so he will find the battle easier next time, until he reaches a state of perfection required of all true Christians. ‘Be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect.’ Matthew 5:48.

God gives us tough circumstances to help us grow and mature as Christians. God also makes things difficult to teach us humility and gratitude. If everything were easy for us, we’d become little Lucifers and fall into the same pride as the devil.

We need to have gratitude for God’s provision. This is why the Samaritan in the gospel used the phrase ‘the crumbs that fall from the Lord’s table’ Matthew 15:27. If we received everything we desired, we’d most likely spit in God’s face. The demons got everything from God, yet they spat in His face from before the beginning of the world.

Lord, have mercy on us!