I created a paypal link

Yes! I can finally accept donations! I hope all my hard work has paid off!

My paypal link is


My portrait in paypal should be an Orthodox icon of St Seraphim of Sarov. He was a very gentle Saint, and I’m trying to emulate his gentleness. He even forgave and loved those who beat him up and left him as a hunchback for the rest of his life.

If my paypal link is wrong, then let me know, and I can find out what is the problem.

God bless everybody here!


God bless the world

I pray for the end to the war in Ukraine. I pray that China doesn’t invade Taiwan.

I had a really positive day today. My friend let me help others at her op shop. I felt grateful to make friends with new people.

I am a limited extrovert. I am not so extroverted as when I’m sick, but I can socialise nonetheless. Not so much at church, but I value friendship anywhere.

I pray there will not be a third world war. I pray for religious cooperation between faiths. I pray for the salvation of the souls of my enemies.

God bless the world