A game I used to play

This is a picture from a game I used to play in 1998. It was called Timelapse.

It was a beautiful game. I couldn’t play it well, because I wasn’t good at problem solving.

Thankfully, there are walkthroughs online in order to help one complete the game.

Xmas is in a week. I feel gloomy, as it is the most socially isolated time of the year for me, as a schizophrenic.

Thank you to all the people who have given me supportive comments.

Throat’s dry

Just kidding. I have a mild sore throat. Throat’s dry is a common expression in the Borderlands 2 downloadable content titled ‘Oasis’. It was said by the criminals in Captain Scarlett’s crew.

So yeah, I have another sore throat. But at least my ears aren’t sore. My dad is particularly badly hit, even though he has been quadruple vaxxed against Covid, and had his flu shot this year. I’ve been triple vaxxed, and had my flu shot, yet I still get sick.

I really do enjoy playing Borderlands 2. I downloaded a number of mods for Borderlands 2 for about 11 AUD. It was worth it. I enjoy playing repetitive MMORPGFPS games. FPS means first person shooter. RPG means role playing genre. I don’t know what MMO stands for.

God bless you all. Hope all of you in the southern hemisphere are not suffering from cold and flu like symptoms!

Big Farm

This is the app I downloaded when installing Windows 11 erased my data of Farm Dream. I’m glad there are heaps of apps out there. Such is the majesty of the creativity of the internet. Such is the creativity of humanity.

A little PC game that I enjoy

This is one of the games I downloaded from GOG games. It is called ‘Eschalon, Book 2.’ As you can see from my hit points bar, I’m doing quite badly at the game. Any tips, my fellow Eschalon fans?

I’m not even sure that is how the games name is spelt. Ok I checked just now. I spelt it correctly.

If I abstain from playing this for a time, I get interested in it all again, but with a fresh perspective on how to play the game. I can’t even finish the game once!