My prayer for all people

I pray that the nations of the world would drop their grievances and egos and would work together for world peace and freedom. This includes the option NOT to take the covid 19 vaccine. This includes religious freedom, where lawful religious groups, particularly old calendar Orthodox Christianity are not discriminated against in any way, shape or form.

When I was in the Child Youth Mental Health in 2006, I was manic enough to tell other people in the ward to repent. And what did the democratic country do? It kept me locked up for longer. Shame on this democratic country! In this state, if you repent personally, people laugh at you or look at you as though you are really sick, but if you constantly tell other people to repent, then you get shut up in mental health jail! This is what they did to the Blessed Apostles! This is what they did in Soviet Russia to the New Martyrs! Democracy is close to God-hating communism!

I got sick in 2006 due to relentless abuse by fellow students at my old high school. The wickedness of Australian society caused my schizophrenia. Now 15 years on, the world is pushing to get the covid vaccine mandated! There is no freedom under communism, whatever the name of the type of government! It didn’t even take a quarter of a century for the Australian society to start stuffing up majorly after my breakdown, only 15 years!

I have started praying fervently for my safety under a new world order. God help us all.