On the end times

The universe is vast. I wish I lived in an era when we could explore the stars. Earth is so boring.

I always used to watch Star Trek and Stargate as a child. I don’t miss those shows. I miss the times when I wasn’t mentally ill. Oh well, guess that is the way the cookie crumbles.

I had my depot injection today. The doctor told me to look on the bright side of life.

But to be honest with you, on pertaining to the title, I couldn’t survive the reign of the anti-christ. Even had I received the mark, I’d probably be killed for being a sheer waste of space.

I am a coward. I actually have no virtue, but I call myself a Saint, because I can not cope with the outcome of my life. Yes, as my support worker says, I have no manliness. But I am so depressed, at least I haven’t committed suicide yet.

But I can not endure persecution. I’d just submit to the enemies of Christ. I personally am quite upset with Christ for giving me mental illness. Therefore I’d submit to the anti-christ, because I am too weak to cope with anything.

That is mental illness, oh world. I pray none of you reading this blog get schizophrenia.