My mission

What is your mission?

My mission is to get some relief in the lake of fire by doing as much good as I can in this life, such as almsgiving and helping others, notably my parents.

I don’t have much time to chat, as I’m going with dad out somewhere. God bless you all.

I am Master Keai

What could you do differently?

As master oogway once said ‘if she says your pipi is small, her mother you shall call.’

Just kidding. I have no quotes on that kind of ‘mastery’.

My friend just called me, but I feel like a bag of testosterone, as I’ve been on 5 days semen retention. It’s not a good feeling.

But enough on that topic, how’s everybody else going? Nobody likes my super boring blog.

I try to be celibate, but evidently, I’m still plagued by desire. I probably won’t share the dreams I had last night, either.

God bless you all.

My high school

What colleges have you attended?

Um, I went to community college before. It got shut down, as it ran out of funding from the government.

I won’t mention my high school. I got expelled from high school due to disability.

God bless my enemies. I hope they are doing well, wherever they are.

I hope God has mercy on us all.

Negative relationships

What relationships have a negative impact on you?

The relationships that have a negative impact on me? I would say ones where the other person doesn’t really respect me. This often happens at churches I go to.

Most churches are insincere. I mean the people who go to them. Even asian churches can be pretty insincere.

Another thing I don’t like is when people borrow money and never give it back. But I suppose the more I give, the less pain I will experience in hell.

Can’t complain. My life isn’t too bad.

I just hope my blog gets more popular.

Nobody has donated to me on paypal. But that’s ok. I still receive a disability support pension.

Today’s inspiration

You get to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

It’s like asian men: small pipi.

Just kidding. I don’t know how to answer it correctly. I suppose it gives me something to do. Though only a few people care about my opinions.

Well, I started off things irreverently because it is like when my support worker asks me a boring rhetorical question: ‘what you doing this weekend?’ Then, without thinking, I reply ‘having sex,’ which is ironic because it is something I’ve never done, and most likely never will do. BECAUSE I’M ASIAN OOOOHHHHHH!

Yes, I’m slightly racist.

I hope wordpress doesn’t take down my site LOL.

The places I want to go to

What cities do you want to visit?

Well, I choose Melbourne and Hobart, because they are cool during the summer. Brisbane summer is unbearable.

Though, I don’t think I could live there long term, unless my family came with me. My dad is very skinny, so he couldn’t take the cold. My mom is more my size, so she’d enjoy cooler weather.

I enjoy cooler weather because I can’t handle heat extremes on my dose of medication. The medication makes me more sensitive to heat extremes.

First day at something by IakovosKriegor

Tell us about your first day at something — school, work, as a parent, etc.

My first day taking communion at the Greek Church near my house was unremarkable. I did not prepare worthily for it. You have to fast from 2pm till communion at about 7pm at the church. This includes dry fasting, which I am not capable of.

But why should the church talk about dry fasting? Their members are hypocritical. The priest never responds to my text messages. My godfather never replies to my text messages or answering machine messages. Whenever somebody at the church wants you to stop talking, they say ‘you go and have a good day.’ I feel insulted by that.

Communion either has lost its mystical properties, or nobody at the church takes communion worthily.

I sure wish I had the courage to rebuke them, but usually, people don’t have enough respect to me to listen to my correction, or apply it to their lives.

Well, there isn’t any point in going to the Orthodox churches in Brisbane, then.

Who do you envy, by IakovosKriegor

Who do you envy?

Well, to answer this simply, I’d say anybody who doesn’t need the disability support pension to survive. Somebody who doesn’t bludge off the welfare system.

I sure wish I could work. After my 2012 ECTs I never went back to work and after my 2017 ECTs I never went back to study.

ECT means Electroconvulsive therapy, otherwise known as Shock Therapy. I am grateful that there are cures to my mental diseases.

ECTs are used when normal medication fails. It is used mainly for acute psychosis and major depression.

I’m 33 years old now. I’ve had, altogether in my life, 8 rounds of Shock Treatment. But none of it has got me to a point where I am more functional than before I got sick.

But I’m just an illness. I might never be able to get back into employment. The last job I had was in 2009 for only 2 weeks. So I am not career orientated.

I wish I could work, so I could give a little tax to the government which has so generously paid my pension for 14 years.