The Veronicas

I used to listen to the song ‘when it all falls apart’ by the Veronicas when I was a patient at the Child Youth Mental Health Service in Brisbane, back in the old Mater Hospital, before it was renovated. This is back in 2007. It was a very lonely time. My mental health was slowly getting worse and worse.

Apparently the song lyrics in the chorus starts off as ‘everything is F***ed up, straight from the heart,’ but I thought the lyrics were ‘everything is left up, straight from the heart.’ What a surprise when I found the song to have offensive swearing in it! Oh well.

I miss those times, when I was better off not on medication. I do not like taking medication. But now I’m on depot injections. I really wish I didn’t need so much meds.

I am going into the General Practice in an hour’s time, to get my depot. Wish me luck, friends.


Winter sparring

This is from my YouTube channel. I must admit, getting punched in the face by gloves is not fun.

I miss the days from before I was on medication when I used to be able to take a punch. It’s like Moon Lee Tae Kwon Do made me tougher. It made me tougher while I was willing to participate in that activity. Now, I’m too fat and weak to bother to push myself.

It’s ok. Now I can listen to nice instrumental music on YouTube, such as Timelapse OST, crockett’s theme, clubbed to death, or instrumentals of popular songs.

Definitely beats the loneliness and isolation of being mentally ill. I feel sorry for my parents having to raise me through the times when I was psychotic. From 2006 to 2012 I was psychotic, and I only got better when I had shock therapy. I’m surprised the kiddies mental health didn’t give me shock therapy, but only kept me in the mental hospital for 10 weeks. Waste of taxpayer dollars.