I miss this game

This image is from a 1996 game called ‘Timelapse: Ancient Civilisations.’ Even though it is available on gog galaxy, I don’t play it, as I’m not good with problem solving or lateral thinking, due to my Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I miss that game. My mom helped me get through the levels in Grade 2 and 3. We bought the game after it was released. I was in Grade 2 in 1997 and Grade 3 in 1998.

On a different topic, I went overseas for the only time in my life in 1998. I don’t remember vomiting on the trip. But I was scared, because if I lost my mum, I’d be in trouble. I went to Singapore and Malaysia. It was too hot. But actually, I don’t remember the heat and humidity.

Now I can speak limited Chinese, but I hate summers, as my medication makes me more sensitive to heat extremes. That’s why I have the air con on in my room at night, to help me sleep.

I will most likely never travel overseas, unless my schizophrenia was cured.

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God bless you all!


War Planet

I finally managed to screenshot a battle on War Planet: Global Conquest. My empire is not doing too well. It is being attacked by people who pay to play the game. I just play this game for fun, not for being a professional.

I miss my soul. Life is cold. I try to meditate, but I need more medication to be successful at meditation. I really wish I could fall asleep while meditating. It means I’m getting very relaxed while meditating if I do fall asleep.

God bless all my regular visitors!

Borderlands 2

I like Borderlands 2. It is a good game, where I get perks for collecting a lot of Eridium and selling it to Crazy Earl. It is good for wasting time, which I have plenty of.

I just realised the oil prices have skyrocketed due to the war in Ukraine. Russia produced some oil, now we are missing out on it, due to global sanctions against Russia.

I thought if I had positive energy, I could affect events in my reality. Like I could eventually transport myself to a perfect reality, based on my level of perfection. Such is not the case.

I just hope Ukraine is not as bad as the violence in Borderlands 2. Borderlands puts humour on carnage. But there is nothing funny about the conflict in Ukraine. It is sick. God have mercy on Russia.

I don’t know what will happen to this nation. I pray for stability and peace in the Indo-Pacific region everyday. I pray God listens to my weak prayers, as to the prayers of a couple of other righteous who pray.

Sim City 4: Deluxe Edition

Man, I don’t even know the title of my own games! I downloaded this one from GOG games about a year ago. It took me a while to learn how to successfully win the game. Well, it isn’t winning the game, it is continuous play. The idea is to generate more money than it takes to maintain the city.

This city has about 9000 people living in it. It generates about 900 extra dollars a month over its expenses. So I am pretty happy. I am not a particularly good player at this game. I have not watched YouTube tutorials on how to play this game. But I sort of enjoy it nonetheless. It is like a disciplinary game for me, like reading the Bible.

A farming game

I think this is called Farm Dream: Village Harvest. It’s a nice alternative to Farmville. I usually play this game several times a day. It takes a long time for anything to get done. But that is a farming game for you.

I renewed my premium subscription last night. Now, it is morning, and I have an unwanted cat in the computer room. He usually marks his territory too much, due to stress caused by the other cats. God bless him.

I am glad now he is only grooming himself, not marking his territory. But his licking sounds a lot like peeing.