Jerry the cat

This is one of my cats. We have 6 cats left. 3 have already died. 3 which I got from my grandma’s house when she reposed. May she rest in peace.

This is a very beautiful cat. When we got her from my grandma’s house, she needed eye surgery and tummy surgery to remove a big cyst on her abdomen.

I’m glad she is still alive. She has a heart murmur. I hope she lives many years.

My cat Jerry

This is a huge pic of my cat Jerry. I always call this cat the cute rat. In reality, she is a very cute female cat. She sometimes acts like a kitten. She never wants to be picked up, she often squirms when she is picked up. I adore this cat. I wish she was more affectionate.

A farming game

I think this is called Farm Dream: Village Harvest. It’s a nice alternative to Farmville. I usually play this game several times a day. It takes a long time for anything to get done. But that is a farming game for you.

I renewed my premium subscription last night. Now, it is morning, and I have an unwanted cat in the computer room. He usually marks his territory too much, due to stress caused by the other cats. God bless him.

I am glad now he is only grooming himself, not marking his territory. But his licking sounds a lot like peeing.

The night spotty passed away

I had a lovely old cat called spotty. He died 12:10am 2/1/22. He suddenly got sick, his leg swelled up, the vet didn’t know what it was, then he just gave up the ghost.

Dad cried for 3 minutes when Spotty died. We gave the corpse to the cat cremation organization, where we will get Spotty’s ashes.

It is very disconcerting, as it makes me feel the bereavement I will eventually feel when my own parents pass away. I will definitely miss mom and dad. It took so long and so much mental health treatment before I could finally honour my mother and father.

Spotty was a nice white cat with black streamed across him in various parts of his body. He would pat my leg when I was feeling mentally unwell. We don’t know how old he was when he died. He came from my grandma’s house, and we got him when grandma passed away.

He came over to grandma’s house in the late 2000s with the mother cat, who gave birth to a few of the remaining cats at my house. We have 7 cats left. 2 have died. Pet bereavement is horrible, and it is even worse when a loved one passes away.

Pray for my dad and my family, we are going through pet bereavement now.