On the practice of celibacy while serving in the cadets

I started cadets when I was 15 in June 2005. It was horrible, but it really improved my character, and prepared me for the struggles with mental illness.

Before I got sick in February 2006, I had never asked out a girl. I also started Tae kwon do in about March 2005. So from March 2005 to about March 2006, I was practicing celibacy, as in; not asking out women, not playing with myself, and eventually, enjoying women’s company as friends.

But when I was put on olanzapine in March 2006, I began to be curious about women. As Jesus said in the gospel ‘this demon cometh out only by prayer and fasting.’ So since olanzapine causes significant weight gain, I couldn’t resist my hormones, being fuelled by appetite increase. I was eating until I vomited on olanzapine, but the psychiatrists of the kiddie’s mental health wouldn’t do anything about it.

If I had managed to restrict my intake of food, I wouldn’t of noticed women, and maintained my celibacy vow. But I know now that most women would of been happier had I permanently maintained my celibacy. God bless women and their lofty standards.


My cadet experience

I don’t remember much of it now, but I served as a cadet between April 2005 and February 2006. I wonder if it contributed to my breakdown.

I remember the warrant officer saying while I was on drill ‘something’s wrong with that cadet.’ I remember another warrant officer saying ‘I’m going to murder you.’

I’m glad to have that cadet experience. It taught me not to join the real army.

I remember a lot of shouting done by the senior cadets at the junior cadets. I even was involved in a car crash where I got a minor laceration to the side of my head! It was the CO’s fault that the car crashed at wide bay training area.

My mum was particularly angry with the CO because of that. I told him to give her a call, to explain what exactly happened in that car.

Maybe the minor laceration also contributed to my schizophrenia.

I actually liked the CO. He did shout at the cadet squadron once, after the car crash. He was stressed out of his brains.

I did not want to sue him. As it is written ‘turn the other cheek.’ I’m paying for the consequences up to this date. But I might of received all this because I’m a bad person, who used to bully people in primary and high school.

I guess I’m not virtuous.

This is the day of my depot. Wish me luck.

Worried about conscription

I hope that if Australia goes to war in WW3, I won’t get called upon to serve. I have 7 months worth of cadet experience in a training facility in Brisbane. I served there when I was manic. I hated it. It probably contributed to my schizophrenia.

The best thing about being in cadets was I learnt to appreciate the other 6 days of the week when I wasn’t at cadets. Cadets normally occurred once a week on a Friday. I was so skinny back then from stress.

I do not support the war in Ukraine, nor the Russian military draft. Putin has a big ego…