Playing this game feels like a job

I posted a while back on this cheap game. I bought this game for 10 bucks from GOG games. I’ve played this game for about 60 hours. And I haven’t even completed the entire campaign! Other games I’ve completed with ease. Now I feel disabled.

Here, I’m trying to earn as much EXP as possible, to hope I can have skill high enough to hit the tough guys, such as Tauren Scouts or Mire Trolls or Devilmanders. Taurens are just humanoid Oxen. Mire Trolls are just walking fish. Devilmanders are just annoying giant lizards.

I’m getting sick of the game, but I don’t want to look on a walkthrough online, which would recommend how specifically I should best play the game.

This game is mildly addictive. Sometimes I go ‘woo-hoo’ whenever I’m winning a fight against a Devilmander.

My funniest joke I said when I was running out of coins was ‘I’m poor, as I’ve been on the disability support pension for 14 years.’ LOL