Another dismal day

If you look for Mr Ke ai on YouTube, you’ll be able to find me. I only have about 1 500 views for all my videos on YouTube. I don’t edit my videos. I am too disabled to learn many new things, such as video editing in YouTube studio. I mostly have videos of me sparring my friend and doing light exercise, such as tai chi and gentle stretching.

But today was mostly dismal, until I managed to buy an Ice Break at 5:30pm. I felt really good after that! Such a fantastic drug! It is coffee milk, with lots of sugar. I most likely will go to bed around 2am.

But overall, life is pretty boring, I have very little structure surrounding my day. I am glad medication helps me sleep. Even though two of the nurses who give me injections of Invega Sustenna have both said the needle is too big, I’m still willing to take the 150mg depot, just so I can sleep well at night. It also lessens my libido, too.

Overall, life is pretty boring. I have no topic. I will play some games. Maybe I will do clothes washing tomorrow. Bye.


Life is dismal part 2

I went out with my support worker and read ‘God is good for you’ by Greg Sheridan. I read one of the chapters which talk about the Pentecostal movement in Melbourne. I thought the female youth pastor was secretly narcissistic. Nobody is a true pastor, not even in the Orthodox Church.

Shout out to that person who rang me and told me she viewed my blog. I’m grateful somebody cares.

One day I may delete my blog. It was a financial flop. I only spent 120 dollars on it, but it was still a waste.

Life is not so much a nightmare as much as it is boring. Then again, when your negative thoughts attack you so much when you are doing nothing, boredom can be a nightmare.