Borderlands 2 bug

I had a tough time getting up to captain Flynt’s ship. Now the game stuffs up, with claptrap going back and forward in the same place, without going forward in the game! I thought Borderlands 2 was bug free…

Anyway, thought I might put an article online about it. I thought it was worth the waste of data necessary to produce an article.

Sure wish I knew how to make more money….

War Planet

I finally managed to screenshot a battle on War Planet: Global Conquest. My empire is not doing too well. It is being attacked by people who pay to play the game. I just play this game for fun, not for being a professional.

I miss my soul. Life is cold. I try to meditate, but I need more medication to be successful at meditation. I really wish I could fall asleep while meditating. It means I’m getting very relaxed while meditating if I do fall asleep.

God bless all my regular visitors!


I’m feeling more grouchy than usual. Mum says it is due to depression. I thought it was a symptom of schizophrenia, such as being more touchy.

I must of been a terrible person in a previous lifetime to deserve this kind of sickness. I hope reincarnation is not true, and I’m just being punished for schoolyard bullying that I performed in primary school.

I am trying to be a good person. But sometimes good people get taken advantage of. So grouchiness is a defence mechanism.

Nobody has true humility. I have the closest thing I’ve ever seen in a human being to true humility. And people use it as an excuse to walk all over me, rather than saying ‘he truly is a man of God!’

I have no talent

I make the library cleaner uncomfortable. I make so many other ladies uncomfortable, too. Especially librarians. Even though I don’t really talk much to them. But they can see me looking at them.

My best friends are my male friends, as females don’t want to be friends with me. I bless both genders of my friends. Or what little friends I have.

I am what Australians term a ‘Nigeal’. It means a person with no friends. That’s me all right.

I wish I was more popular in primary school. I should of gone to a vocational college instead of a posh school. It’s all my fault. I have poor decision making processes.

Real life computer game

This world is becoming more like a nightmare by the day! A lady was set ablaze in Toronto, a man was stabbed to death in fortitude valley, I wish we didn’t have so many violent computer games!

I’ll probably get stabbed or shot sometime in the future. It is for my sins against womankind. I wish the meds did a better job of chemically castrating me.

I don’t know what punishment I’ll get in hell. But it will sure be… hellish. Pardon the pun.

In hell, we are given sometime to drink, but it is foul and makes us vomit. In hell, we are given worms to eat. In hell, the air is fetid, and stinks, which makes us want to vomit even more. I beg you Lord, please don’t send me to the eternal flame!

Domestic Violence

I was asked by a qq friend to speak on domestic violence. I know nothing about this subject. If it were me, I’d prefer to get walked all over, as if I get shot by police, then I am in hell. What good was my life then?

I don’t know why so many people are not even afraid of hell. Why are so many people not scared of eternal torment? Why don’t people believe in hell? So many religions speak about hell in great depth.

If I die, then it is all over. I might as well live a long time, hoping God will give me the grace to repent and redeem myself, before I am cast into hell. Just my thoughts.

My fears

I could not cope with life. So I took some extra anti-psychotics. So what if they make me tired? At least I shouldn’t go backwards.

Life is miserable. I have no purpose. I have a lot of apathy, which is caused by my schizoaffective disorder. I have low mood and low motivation too.

I wish I had more to write for my blog. But I am dipping into madness. I just wish I were more humble. But I’m not humble.

Such is my life. I can not predict the future. But looking into the future brings me no hope, only a certainty that I might be mistreated in an aged care facility.

Qi Gong Again

I probably already put this video up. Nobody seems to watch it on my YouTube channel. It only has about 22 views to it. Sometimes I do wish it were more popular, but then I’d get a lot of trolling.

On a positive note, I weighed about 119.4kg on the scales today. This was due to me eating Truplenish instead of dinner last evening. I also went out yesterday on the bus to my favourite shopping mall. God bless me.

Maybe there is life after death. The death of the soul, with all its positive attributes, that is.

I can’t believe it

I see some news that is incredible. According to a piece of news, Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese prime minister, was shot dead in Nara. Is this fake news? Seems crazy.

I’ve often seen news which I couldn’t believe. Are the police altering news to scare me? I hope I’m not such a wicked person as to call for that.

I know China is mucking about in far-east Asia, but that is common news. The more radical news articles is simply bewildering.

Maybe giving money to charity is enough to irritate big tech into annoying me (feeling suspicious).

Thanks to my subs

Thank you to all my subscribers. It means a lot to me.

I wish I had more to say.

My sore throat is getting better. I still have to learn how to starve myself. The only way to lose weight on medication is to starve yourself.

I wish I had more things to do in my life. But being afraid of driving makes it very difficult to get around to activities that I would like to be participating in.

If I could drive, I’d go to a new church or go back to tai chi. But I’m not going to work on my phobias, because I’m not good at anything.

God bless you all.