Today was a good Sunday

Today was a good Sunday. I thought I was going to get beaten by mum for not helping with the cooking, but mum reassured me and took me out to sushi. The sushi was nice! I paid for the sushi. Wasn’t too expensive.

I worry too much about life. I worry about what others may think of me. I can not get to sleep without anti-psychotics. It is a perilous cycle.

I wish I had achieved more in life. But I’m waiting for the end of the world. I am hoping I just get blown to oblivion by a nuclear bomb blast. But maybe God is merciful.

I’m waiting for the end. Or at least the end of my life. I’ve been consuming a lot of resources. And whatever for? Because I have to take meds which increase my appetite, which in turn increase the amount of money I spend on food.

Life is horrid.

A rant

I remember my school principal described my behaviour in beating a fellow student in 2003 as ‘acting like idiots.’ I could say a lot of people ‘act like idiots.’ Psychiatrists who violate the rights of their patients are acting like idiots. Priests who look down on the mentally ill are acting like idiots.

People have got to stop stuffing up and repent. Or else God will wipe out this planet. By making the communists act like idiots and we nuke the crap out of each other. Fancy that.

I realise nobody much cares for my blog. Oh well. Doesn’t matter.

I hope those who follow this blog have more positive vibes than I’m having today…

I can’t push up

This is me doing 10 push ups. I am really struggling to do push ups. I weigh a lot.

I can not do a pull up on my current weight range. When I was 60kg and in grade 9 I could do about 8 pull ups, but only about 10 push ups. Now, push ups are easier than pull ups, because of my heavy weight.

I thank you all for following me. I thank you all for blessing me with your company.

My mission

What is your mission?

My mission is to get some relief in the lake of fire by doing as much good as I can in this life, such as almsgiving and helping others, notably my parents.

I don’t have much time to chat, as I’m going with dad out somewhere. God bless you all.

My lack of purpose

The voices called me both a ‘vomiting hero’ and that I was ‘wasting everybody’s time.’ I heard the ‘vomiting hero’ voice from a clinician at a general practice, and the ‘wasting everybody’s time’ voice from a priest at a Greek church.

Thus, the demons, being voices, show me my weaknesses. They were essentially saying ‘You’re a glutton!’ and ‘stop bothering Christians at the Greek church!’ Even the demons are shocked by my sins.

Well, the more I stress out, the less I’ll eat. I suppose I can give up going to church. They weren’t nice to me at the church anyway.

Another voice said ‘he’s weird’ at one of the parks near my home. The demons must have a lot of reasons to accuse me.

Sometimes the demons speak to me. I see their malice. How they fell from heaven. How they want all of humanity to end up in hell, just to punish and torment them.

But according to some writings of the Orthodox Saints, the demons act as ‘God’s avenger.’ The demons, as well as people, can teach me a lot of humility! I should shut my mouth, and not contribute my opinion.

I am Master Keai

What could you do differently?

As master oogway once said ‘if she says your pipi is small, her mother you shall call.’

Just kidding. I have no quotes on that kind of ‘mastery’.

My friend just called me, but I feel like a bag of testosterone, as I’ve been on 5 days semen retention. It’s not a good feeling.

But enough on that topic, how’s everybody else going? Nobody likes my super boring blog.

I try to be celibate, but evidently, I’m still plagued by desire. I probably won’t share the dreams I had last night, either.

God bless you all.

Mr Tate

Andrew Tate has gone from being an incel to being in-cell.

He has recently been arrested in romania for being a alpha male.

Actually, I don’t know precisely what date in 2022 he was arrested, and I don’t know why he was arrested.

But basically, he was the king of the incels. He was my Lord. Lol kidding.

I’m a voluntary celibate, not an involuntary celibate.

I apologize for being ugly. I apologize for asking out women. I apologize for being weird.

God bless you all. Hope Andrew Tate enjoys his time in prison!

The substance of humility

I would say the substance of humility is complete and total forgiveness of others, which is ongoing. Others may disagree, but it is true in my case.

I learnt how to temporarily forgive last night. It didn’t do much for me. But, for that time, at least I’m not holding onto resentment.

I hope my friends can find it in themselves to learn how to forgive. It is a great release. But honestly, life goes on, and we still find ourselves in the rut of depression.

I guess life isn’t so bad after all. I am forgiving more and more each day. But forgiveness of others isn’t heaven, it just means you no longer shout at the walls in your home in anger.

Well, I stopped doing that yesterday. But my anger may come back. I’m not sure.

God bless us all.

My high school

What colleges have you attended?

Um, I went to community college before. It got shut down, as it ran out of funding from the government.

I won’t mention my high school. I got expelled from high school due to disability.

God bless my enemies. I hope they are doing well, wherever they are.

I hope God has mercy on us all.

Concerning the end of the world

Usually, I do not believe in the end of the world. Even if the Orthodox version of eschatology were true, I’m sure there will always be people interested in Christianity who would be the salt of the earth. Just Christianity would take different forms.

At this moment, I do not believe that the world will end, not for a few million years or so. God loves His creation. Though I’m not a biblical expert.

I do believe in the end of the universe, though. Call it the big crunch, call it heat death, it doesn’t matter anyway. All of us would of found new universes to go to in a couple of billion years time. Maybe we would of been able to form new universes through black holes and singularity technology from the far future.

I think humanity will live. I think humanity will progress. Christianity may go extinct, but we will survive in this universe.