A beautiful landscape

I found this image on google image search. I personally, find it refreshing and beautiful. Picturesque, more accurately.

I wonder how all your lives are going? Thank you for all those who like my blog posts.

Any tips on how I can make money?

God bless all of you!

Writing at midnight

This is my attempt at exercise a couple of nights back, when I weighed 122.2kg. When I stepped on the scales tonight, I weighed 122.5kg. Fancy that. Weight never goes down. At least it isn’t rapidly increasing.

I need the extra meds because I am so unstable in my life. I can not cope, not with the loss of grandma and some of her cats. It puts a terrible strain on me, and reminds me that my own parents will most likely go before me.

I will really miss my parents if they go before me. I hope they make it to heaven. It feels lonely here, as they are celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary somewhere nearby. But I bless them.

I hope grandma is in heaven.

Jerry the cat

This is one of my cats. We have 6 cats left. 3 have already died. 3 which I got from my grandma’s house when she reposed. May she rest in peace.

This is a very beautiful cat. When we got her from my grandma’s house, she needed eye surgery and tummy surgery to remove a big cyst on her abdomen.

I’m glad she is still alive. She has a heart murmur. I hope she lives many years.

Everything was silent…

Well, not everything is silent tonight. My parents are entertaining themselves by watching the TV.

It is the night before my depot injection of anti-psychotic. I look forward to receiving a boost of anti-psychotic to treat my schizoaffective disorder.

I also bought extra meds from the late-night pharmacy because I wanted a little extra help getting to sleep. The meds provide some sedative effect.

I wouldn’t recommend anybody to go on anti-depressants or anti-psychotics. You become dependent on them. But, only take them if you are a danger to yourself or others, and you have exhausted all other options.

But, I recommend to my friends that they learn humility. Simple humility is the patient acceptance of what life offers us, health or sickness, wealth or poverty, honours or dishonours; knowing everything comes from God. He wouldn’t allow such things to come upon you if it weren’t for your eternal benefit.

Life is tough, I know. Some people breeze through life. Others, like me, struggle.

I do try to bless the Holy Trinity, but I do learn mindfulness, so that I can forgive the memories of the traumas I’ve received.

Forgiveness is a continual process. It involves accepting what happened in the past, and blessing the situation and person who dishonoured you.

Hope this helps. God bless you all.

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Tai Chi 2 days before my depot

I looked on the news about a model from Sweden who was tired of men hitting on her at the gym. It said it was because she was ‘too hot.’ I guess I have a long way to go in the attractiveness department, even though I have delusions that I am the perfect guy.

Life teaches me humility, as I often am not shown respect because of the severity of my many disabilities. So I am basically a doormat. I’m not good at setting boundaries.

God bless you all.

A rant

I remember my school principal described my behaviour in beating a fellow student in 2003 as ‘acting like idiots.’ I could say a lot of people ‘act like idiots.’ Psychiatrists who violate the rights of their patients are acting like idiots. Priests who look down on the mentally ill are acting like idiots.

People have got to stop stuffing up and repent. Or else God will wipe out this planet. By making the communists act like idiots and we nuke the crap out of each other. Fancy that.

I realise nobody much cares for my blog. Oh well. Doesn’t matter.

I hope those who follow this blog have more positive vibes than I’m having today…

I can’t push up

This is me doing 10 push ups. I am really struggling to do push ups. I weigh a lot.

I can not do a pull up on my current weight range. When I was 60kg and in grade 9 I could do about 8 pull ups, but only about 10 push ups. Now, push ups are easier than pull ups, because of my heavy weight.

I thank you all for following me. I thank you all for blessing me with your company.

I am Master Keai

What could you do differently?

As master oogway once said ‘if she says your pipi is small, her mother you shall call.’

Just kidding. I have no quotes on that kind of ‘mastery’.

My friend just called me, but I feel like a bag of testosterone, as I’ve been on 5 days semen retention. It’s not a good feeling.

But enough on that topic, how’s everybody else going? Nobody likes my super boring blog.

I try to be celibate, but evidently, I’m still plagued by desire. I probably won’t share the dreams I had last night, either.

God bless you all.

Mr Tate

Andrew Tate has gone from being an incel to being in-cell.

He has recently been arrested in romania for being a alpha male.

Actually, I don’t know precisely what date in 2022 he was arrested, and I don’t know why he was arrested.

But basically, he was the king of the incels. He was my Lord. Lol kidding.

I’m a voluntary celibate, not an involuntary celibate.

I apologize for being ugly. I apologize for asking out women. I apologize for being weird.

God bless you all. Hope Andrew Tate enjoys his time in prison!

The substance of humility

I would say the substance of humility is complete and total forgiveness of others, which is ongoing. Others may disagree, but it is true in my case.

I learnt how to temporarily forgive last night. It didn’t do much for me. But, for that time, at least I’m not holding onto resentment.

I hope my friends can find it in themselves to learn how to forgive. It is a great release. But honestly, life goes on, and we still find ourselves in the rut of depression.

I guess life isn’t so bad after all. I am forgiving more and more each day. But forgiveness of others isn’t heaven, it just means you no longer shout at the walls in your home in anger.

Well, I stopped doing that yesterday. But my anger may come back. I’m not sure.

God bless us all.