I am Babylon

I judge others as evil, I myself am evil.

I judge others as impure, I am impure.

I judge others as haters of God, I hate God above all.

I judge others as sinful, I am most full of sin.

I love others, others love me.

I humble myself before others, mostly people encourage me.

I judge others as loving and caring, the whole world is beautiful.

I bless others, others bless me.


My plan will expire soon

I had a WordPress plan that lasted 12 months at 10 AUD per month. I can not afford it, as I live on a pension. I made no money on advertising. So, if you are a small-time blogger, don’t pay for a website.

I’m not one to possess wisdom. My blog is not sort after for its Orthodoxy. I only touch a little bit on the mother of all virtues – humility. And I don’t possess much of it.

Well, I will be glad when this blog expires. I wouldn’t save any of my articles anyway.

God bless you all. I am trying to love my enemies.


This was a 1998 game I used to play, before the computers got upgraded and I couldn’t run this game on the new windows. It was a good game; I miss this game. It was all about getting out of the biospheres in South America to get back to Civilisation. You spend the entire game in the biospheres.

Sigh. So much for a good game. I wonder if anybody still plays it now. I remember Timelapse was a good point-and-click game. I miss playing that game as well.

Here’s to when I was fit enough to do light sparring. I think this is one of my least viewed videos.

I think my YouTube page has about 2200 views for about 67 videos. Such a wild success. I wish I was more popular. But maybe it is all for the best.

Small time blogging

Unfortunately, my blogsite never managed to kick off, so I have decided to unsubscribe from premium WordPress, whatever that is. I never had enough views to be paid for advertising.

On the plus side, I feel better than I’ve ever been. I have more self-control than ever before. I love myself even more. I enjoy reading spiritual books even more. I am glad for God’s blessings towards me.

But, I’d prefer to stop paying for premium WordPress, so I can have more money to give to charity. God bless the WordPress site.

I am getting my depot tomorrow. I’m happy to take my depot, as it prevents me from having to take one extra medication. God bless my physicians who look after me.

Limited Flexibility

This is me doing a Tae kwon do exercise. I’m very flexible for my weight and my level of impairment, and for the dose of medication I’m on.

I wish I could add some more information on humility, my favourite topic. But I’m all out of ideas. Nobody would listen or apply the techniques of the desert fathers to modern situations. Everybody is so egotistical.

The time of day when I took this video was when it was getting dark. That’s why the video seems dark.

Share the wealth, baby!

The title is a threat used by a computer in the game mod called ‘Sengoku’ for Civilisation 4: Beyond the Sword. After you reject this threat, within a few short turns the threatening Japanese civilisation will come and attack your civilisation.

I wish I could follow up on my threats, but any action taken on my part would ensure I’d be tortured by police.

Well, police have got to find something to do with their time. Why not beat up a tortured and abused disabled guy. The police are sickening.

Fortunately, nobody cares about my blog, so I won’t get in trouble for my anti-authoritarian views.

There ain’t no heaven, baby

This statement I don’t agree with. It is just a catchy song featured in the credits of the Borderlands 1 playthrough when you finish the final boss battle. The super good looking goth singer says ‘there ain’t no heaven, there ain’t no heaven.’ I presume the people who designed the game were hardcore atheists.

This is the screenshot of the start menu on Borderlands 1. Although it is a largely atheistic game, I still enjoyed playing it. It was humorous, and probably was almost as humorous about morbid topics as Duke Nukem was.

My cat custard is dying. But I hope he won’t die yet. I still want to pat him. He was born in 2007. He only stopped running away from me every time I wanted to pat him until the year 2022, when he was 15 years old. Fancy that! I really wonder why he loved me so late.

God bless this life. Amen.

Warhammer 40k

The Tao were the most righteous of the races in the Warhammer 40k universe. Here is a picture of the Tao from most likely Dark Crusade. It is a beautiful game in my eyes.

I sure wish I had purpose in this world. I sure wish that I was angelic. I sure wish I were an enlightened being.

So much for being part of God’s army.

Departure of the Holy Spirit

‘I’ll never know, how much it cost, to see my sin, upon that cross…’ These are the lyrics of a hillsong piece which I used to sing while I was at an Asian Pentecostal Church in Brisbane, probably in 2008. It seems so long ago.

‘Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that You’re my God. You’re altogether lovely, altogether worthy, altogether wonderful to me.’ This song reminds me how I felt when I had my first psychotic episode. It was like Neo Anderson from the Matrix in that hallway, when he got shot by Agent Smith. So depressing.

Unlike the Matrix series, my life doesn’t have a happy ending. It is constant struggle. My back is sore from playing computer games.

I wish I had a purpose.

3 days since my depot

As much as I am troubled by reality, I realise the universe is bigger than anything we could ever comprehend. It is not affected by what we do down here on Earth, it is ever expanding.

I sure wish I could usually look at things from a universal perspective, and see that the problems in my life are so small in comparison to the size of God and the universe.

I really should have no fear.

This image I chose is beautiful, in my eyes. I think it is a galaxy with a massive black hole in the middle. It teaches me to adore the cosmos.

Even what is depicted in games is awesome.

God has certainly blessed the universe.