Turning the other cheek

In a secularized and ungodly workforce, Christians do need to stand up for themselves, unless they have obtained the mother of all virtues: humility. I will give you an explanation from the desert fathers.

A monk was in the desert. He had a small hut with a few small things. Thieves came upon him and beat him up. He prayed in the corner as they took his belongings. Then he noticed that they forgot a small flask that was left on the doorframe. So he ran after them, carrying the flask. not to ask them for his stuff back, but to say ‘hey! You forgot this!’ They were surprised by his humility and gave him his stuff back and became his disciples, saying ‘This truly is a man of God.’

This wouldn’t work for most people, as despite how much you mostly like to say it, most of you do still spit in the face of God. In fact, you mostly all spit in the face of God! The last Saint died back in the 19th century, when these holy miracles happened! So go on, stand up for yourself!

Enter hell with all humility, if only to get a reduced sentence from Jesus.

Remember me in Your kingdom!

One of my friends online succumbed to her depression and committed suicide. Eternal be her memory.

We must always have humility. That is why I practice Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. It means, I keep true to my values when being abused. Such as ‘turning the other cheek,’ and ‘understanding my neighbour.’

I do not want to go to hell like the rich man. Jesus said ‘he who endures to the end shall be saved.’ So I will keep taking medication, just to stay alive.

Oh, precious and life-saving humility! How thou maketh angels of men! Men occupy the place from which the demons fell, all because of humility!

God won’t necessarily ‘heal’ you

Sometimes God won’t heal us. Sometimes depression teaches us humility. As satan was bound and cast out from heaven due to his pride, so to re-enter paradise we must have humility. Justification by faith alone is a heresy. I will explain below.

‘Faith without works is dead,’ James 2:17. So we need the works of faith to be saved. I remember that popular verse in Ephesians which protestants love to quote ‘we are saved by grace alone through faith, and not by works of the law, so that no one should boast.’ The works of the law St Paul was talking about was works of the Jewish law, we still need to do works of faith to enter heaven.

St John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus Christ both said at the start of their ministries ‘repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Repentance is a work of faith. Unless you repent to a degree of perfection, then you will not get into heaven. ‘Be ye perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect.’ Jesus meant you HAVE to be minimally perfect to get into heaven. If your prayers don’t heal the sick, you don’t have enough works.

There are degrees of perfection, and there are degrees of sin, or imperfection. God is more perfect than the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary is more perfect than the cherubim and seraphim. The angels are more perfect than the 6th century Saints. The 6th century Saints were more perfect than the 19th century Saints. The 19th century Saints are more perfect than our contemporary Saints on Earth. The present day elders on Mount Athos are definitely more perfect than any Protestant!

So, since we have established that you need works to get into heaven, I will explain the source of all works, that is, ‘humility.’ Humility is the mother of all virtues. Protestants don’t have this virtue, so most of them will be turned away from the great wedding feast in heaven. Humility is not when you say to yourself that you are the worst of sinners. It is when others say you are the worst of sinners, and you accept it and bless and forgive them from the heart. No protestant can take insults or beatings like an Orthodox Saint can.

So that’s why God doesn’t necessarily fix mental illness. It is to prevent the sinner from falling into a worse sin, that is, pride. God may not heal you for the rest of your life, so your punishment in hell will be reduced, or, by a miracle only known to God, you may be accepted into heaven!

About my ideas

Ok, so I was glancing back at a few of my blog posts and remembered one where I claimed I was perfect.

I believe when you come across most of the posts of mine, you should take it with a grain of salt. I know I can not get through the aerial toll-houses.

So, in my schizophrenia, I have delusions that I am perfect, a Saint, but yet going to hell. Hell is a reality I believe in, because I find it very very hard to forgive others. Jesus said ‘forgive, and you shall be forgiven.’ St Francis of Assisi said ‘for it is in pardoning that we are pardoned.’

My own self has become hell, as I venerate myself, just so I don’t break down and cry when thinking of the amount of dishonour I’ve received as a disabled person.

I think a desert father once said ‘you know a man is overcome by the spirit of vainglory when he cries at the many insults he has received.’ I actually don’t know how to overcome vainglory, or pride.

St John Cassian in his ‘conferences’ tells monks to ‘avoid bishops and women,’ to overcome vainglory. I will ask my priest what that means.

Ok that last factoid about the conferences I’m not 100% sure about.

I’m just a schizophrenic who reads a lot of religious texts.


The world suffers from a lack of love. Nobody cares about others. Everybody cares only about themselves. It truly is a lonely world.

I wish I could inspire some people to follow Christ wholeheartedly, as there is no point to life apart from following Jesus. It is like the advice at the end of Ecclesiastes: Serve God, keep His commandments.’ This is precisely what we must do.

The church may be the bride of Christ, but it still isn’t perfect. Many priests and faithful have turned people off going to church. But God is not to blame, we are to blame.

I pray you may all repent, and find joy in serving Christ.

Things may not get better

Be on guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees. That was one of Jesus’s chief advices to his disciples. But does it matter today?

Well, I try my best to be around open minded people. Narrow minded religious people are like the Pharisees!

But, the world is punished in accordance with its sins. Even my virtues can not stop the eventual destruction of humanity!

Lord, have mercy. Amen.

I am a people pleaser

I hear people hypocritically say that ‘they don’t care what others think.’ When I said this to a friend from the mental health clinic, I said ‘You must care what others think, or else the police will come and beat you up.’

If I didn’t care what others thought, I’d have no reason for feigned morality. If I started hitting people for offending me, then the police will beat me up and put me in mental health jail with no intention of release!

So definitely, you MUST care what others think, particularly if you are a hypocrite or a bad person, which is 99% of the people in the world today. The book of James says ‘if a person bridles his tongue, then he is a perfect man, able to control his own body.’

I’d be perfect if I could forgive and if I wasn’t so vainglorious, which means I’m a lover of people’s praise. For me, I can’t get enough of people’s approval. And I can not forgive others for never apologizing.

Pray for me.

God bless

I suppose ‘God bless’ is a general form of blessing. Some atheists don’t like it. Others dismiss it.

It is sad when a society hates God so much that it can’t bear the mention of God’s name. God is the source of all morals and good. Why do we all act with such pretense?

People have to learn to distinguish between God Himself and hypocrites. God is all good. It’s just the church that gives a bad name to God.

I apologize for the Orthodox church’s sins. I apologize for them placing themselves on a pedestal, while not reaching out to the distressed and lonely. I pray you forgive them.

I pray you forgive me and the church I represent.

Forgive the world, Oh Lord

Have mercy on us, Oh Lord, you who take pleasure in mankind.

Yes, we testify that our sins have put us far from you, but your mercy is greater.

Your justice is not active yet, the gate of mercy closes still,

Open the door! Oh Lord! on us unworthy sinners!


I’m feeling more grouchy than usual. Mum says it is due to depression. I thought it was a symptom of schizophrenia, such as being more touchy.

I must of been a terrible person in a previous lifetime to deserve this kind of sickness. I hope reincarnation is not true, and I’m just being punished for schoolyard bullying that I performed in primary school.

I am trying to be a good person. But sometimes good people get taken advantage of. So grouchiness is a defence mechanism.

Nobody has true humility. I have the closest thing I’ve ever seen in a human being to true humility. And people use it as an excuse to walk all over me, rather than saying ‘he truly is a man of God!’