In memory of old games

This is a picture of a game I used to play. Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition. This is a capture the flag map called ‘facing worlds.’

I have Unreal Tournament 2004, but I don’t play it often. I am not addicted to it. My younger cousin plays Fort Knight a lot. He is 16, but his dopamine system works apparently. Mine doesn’t. That’s why I can not sit for hours in front of a computer playing games.

This is in memorium of an old game. It is a mod for UT GOTY edition called Operation Na Pali.

I pulled both these images from google image search. I just do not bother to download these games and mods from their respective sites where they are available.

I miss how I enjoyed games. I miss how I used to be non-mentally ill. That’s a word now.


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