I am despised

At the Greek Church, nobody talks to me. They treat me like an outsider. My godfather doesn’t want to go out with me, saying he is too busy. The priest doesn’t answer my texts, as he says he is too busy. There are 168 hours in a week, nobody is too busy to make time at least once a week. He is just lazy, and chooses not to see me.

At the Russian Church, nobody talks to me either, except my ex and her husband. So it is quite dismal there too. My ex had a fight with her other ex in the church courtyard, where he swore at her, during Lent. I was shocked. But apparently the Orthodox are limitless in their evil…

At the Chinese Church, I was socially rejected as well. Nobody wanted to talk to me, except a few that wanted to socialise with me beforehand, at another service for the same church. But when people hear that I am unemployed, they lose interest in me.

But God be praised, I am like Jesus, in the way He was despised by mortals too. So I share in His cross and rejection by the people expected to love Him. God be praised.


2 Replies to “I am despised”

  1. I will not reject you. I will talk to you. I have been in your position too. I know exactly what you are saying, find me at my blog if you’d like to talk. God bless you

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