My spirituality

I probably will try not to waste anybody’s time, most importantly not my own. It means I will be patient, but not idle the time away. As many people can do a lot better than me in reality, especially vocationally, I will try not to inconvenience anybody.

My spirituality is humility. I choose to accept insults, rather than get angry with them. Why stand up to them? I am weak and frail.

I try to accept the memories that have plagued my mind everyday. I did a bit of introspection today. I was such a socially maladjusted person when I was young. That’s why I needed a lot of medication.

I tried to be tough when I’m actually not. I tried to be brave. I tried to get people to convert to Christianity, with no success. Now I’m a used up old man. God, have mercy on me.

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