Concerning the end of the world

Usually, I do not believe in the end of the world. Even if the Orthodox version of eschatology were true, I’m sure there will always be people interested in Christianity who would be the salt of the earth. Just Christianity would take different forms.

At this moment, I do not believe that the world will end, not for a few million years or so. God loves His creation. Though I’m not a biblical expert.

I do believe in the end of the universe, though. Call it the big crunch, call it heat death, it doesn’t matter anyway. All of us would of found new universes to go to in a couple of billion years time. Maybe we would of been able to form new universes through black holes and singularity technology from the far future.

I think humanity will live. I think humanity will progress. Christianity may go extinct, but we will survive in this universe.

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