God bless you all

Even though I have saved up a bit of money on my disability support pension, I do worry that 1) Centrelink will cut the pension and 2) that I will have to pay a lot of money for something ie house repairs, so I worry I will become bankrupt one day.

My mum and dad look after me, so I have their support. I do give a little bit of money to charity and to people who need it, so they can pray my soul out of hell after I die.

I have been watching YouTube videos about purgatory, and found out that St Michael the archangel is in charge of purgatory. Even though I am not supposed to believe in purgatory, as I am Orthodox, I still want as many prayers as possible after I die, so that I might have a reduced sentence from Jesus at least.

My paypal is paypal.me/iakovoskriegor

Hope my blog is inspiring. If it is, please help me to support others. God bless you all.

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