Reviewing my former martial arts videos

I don’t have a video to put in this post. I still have a YouTube channel, but I add very slowly to it, as I do not often exercise.

I think my weight is somewhere between 119 and 123kg. I can not get it lower than 118kg usually. If I want to lose weight, I have to starve myself.

I suppose everything is ok. Sometimes I’m lonely, but I comfort myself with contemplation, and with knowledge that I have quality friendships.

Contemplation, according to Catholicism, is just sitting still meditating, waiting for the call of God’s voice, or whatever religious themes come to mind when the mind is quiet. I started contemplating as best as I can today.

I am thankful that some people read my blog.

Oh, also, I can understand why so many people hate Christ. I have had a period where I hated Jesus, and looked more into Aaron Abke and law of attraction stuff. Now, I’m sort of open to both, but I try to pray to Jesus at least once a day.

The critical thing I take from law of attraction is ‘words have power. Don’t say bad things about yourself. They will end up becoming your reality.’

I am often self-deprecating, because my mental illness is incredibly severe. But I try to maintain a balanced, positive outlook on life, as much as I fail to do so.

2 Replies to “Reviewing my former martial arts videos”

  1. This is a good piece. If I may add, self-deprecation couldn’t be alien to humans in general. There has been times, we felt less. However, I do think that our ability to remind ourselves of who we are is integral to navigating the murky waters of life.

    As regards “law of attraction”, I believe there’s an overlap between what we Christian term FAITH and “The Law of Attraction”. We can consider the law to be manifestations which is the driving force of faith – basically HOPE. Positivity cannot be overemphasized in all aspects of our lives.

    Think the computer science acronym “GIGO – Garbage in, Garbage out” . We receive what we send out.

    Thanks for this piece, James.

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