On pretence

Yes, I am pretentious. I do not do what is right in the eyes of the Lord.

Jesus said, on commenting on the behaviour of the Pharisees, ‘they for a pretence make long prayers, and for this they shall obtain a greater condemnation.’ Even when I am sick, I’m not humbled.

I wish I wasn’t a burden on society. I wish I could work, so I could pay taxes back to the government for its great generosity towards me. But all I can do is pray.

I am consuming resources, and yet God gives more grace and love, through the love of family and friends. I wish I could bless my enemies as well!

I am sick now. I’ve had a sore throat for roughly 3 days, now I have to blow my nose often.

I ask God to be merciful to me, and indeed He is, He gives sickness in order to cure me of my pride. And I never repent! Lord, help me!

I would ask to be sick more often, so I would run into the Lord’s arms and find His forgiveness!

Oh well.


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