I dreamt about somebody last night

This dream may be offensive to some viewers. I dreamt about my married female Chinese friend. I dreamt that she was promiscuous before marriage and settled down when she married her husband. This is a classic case of redpill-blackpill ideology of the ‘modern woman.’ In reality, my female friend was conservative before and after marriage. She practiced pre-marital and post-marital continence.

What is surprising was that in the dream, the lady who I thought was my friend often had her face altered during the dream, to represent other women who I’d seen in the past, who I have forgotten. While I won’t go into what these women were ‘wearing’ in my dream, you could say I’m a very impure man.

The blackpill YouTube channels often site theories that the ‘modern women’ like to party in their 20s and sleep with as many hot guys as they like, then they like to settle down with a ‘beta-provider’ in their 30s. I’m sure this is not true in many cases. Some women fear men. Others are busy with studies. Some are experiencing anxiety and depression, and having a boyfriend would just make things worse.

I really shouldn’t be having these kinds of dreams. Most nights, I dream about monasteries, and getting rejected by them. During the other half of last night I dreamt about being in a monastery with brothers which was like an ordinary house in the community, and I couldn’t remember the formal titles to call these monks! I was worried they’d scold me, like in cadets, if I didn’t call them by their proper titles.

Gosh, my dreams are weird. Maybe I should practice as much celibacy as possible. Forgive me for my offensive post.


3 Replies to “I dreamt about somebody last night”

  1. I think dreams are weird by nature. Mine tend to pull together random bits of stuff that’s crossed my mind and combine them (often with things I haven’t thought about for years) in ways that don’t make any sense. I don’t believe they’re a reflection of who we are.

    1. I suppose medication makes our dreams more vivid. I think watching scary movies also impacts us. I do play violent computer games, but not horror computer games. I don’t watch the TV, but I do watch YouTube.

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