I read about post stealing on a friend’s blog, and I thought ‘well, I wish I was popular enough for people to want to post steal from me.’ But I guess my blogs are just cringe. I am so cringe.

My blogs are so cringe that nobody wants to post steal from me. I don’t really understand how it works. My blogs must be pretty boring. Maybe it is just because I’m an incel lol.

Anyway, keep up the good work, my fans. You are all awesome. Plus, it takes only the literacy of a year 8 student to write my blogs. Lol.

God bless everybody. Iakovos out.


2 Replies to “Cringe”

  1. I think the post stealing partly came about in relation to a decision I made at one point to list my blog in a particular blog directory (Feedspot). I’ve noticed that the spammy sites stealing my posts were also stealing posts from other sites listed on Feedspot, so I suspect that’s how they found me.

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