1st of October

I sort of feel alright today. I went to a Russian Orthodox Church today.

I just wanted to share some wisdom for Christians suffering from mental health issues. God doesn’t expect much from you. The writings you find on the internet, which are written by Saints, are meant to be for those who have got it all together in their lives.

God won’t expect so much from someone who can’t perform so well in life. So my friends, take heart, God will show all of us mercy.

God has already taught us much humility. God will repay us, both here and in the next life.

The Jewish law was for those who break the law, such as unethical people, bad people. We will be shown much kindness, as God doesn’t expect us to perform as well as a person without mental health issues.

Sorry, my iteration has not been very good. I hope I got my point across.

I know some of you may be despairing now, but just practise some mindfulness, take some medicine, time heals all wounds.


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