My birthday

Today is my birthday. I am 33 years old today. I feel like I’m getting old. But I’ve never been more stable since my mental breakdown in 2006.

My present was a bubble tea from my support worker. His company was nice. I had a few relatives over for my birthday. It was nice. I see my support worker tomorrow as well.

I feel better after my depot, which happened yesterday. It is now 9:50pm at night. My cousins have just finished their piano lesson with my mom, and are preparing to return home.

My mom teaches piano. She is a piano teacher of beyond grade 8 standard. That’s the highest standard. God bless her.

I play piano to a grade 1 standard. I’m not very good at piano. I’ve been a beginner for nearly 20 years. Oh well.

Happy birthday to me! I enjoyed my 33rd birthday! It was awesome!


4 Replies to “My birthday”

  1. Happy belated birthday, Mr. Lovely. I’m glad you had a memorable birthday, and I pray God to grant you all the desires of your heart according to His richness in glory. Cheers.

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