Online Trolling

In my personal opinion, online trolling on YouTube is a lot worse than trolling on qq or wechat. Qq and wechat are Chinese social media platforms.

In the Chinese messaging systems, you know who the trolls are. I treated them like family, until they decided to show explicit sexual images to me. Then I block them. But otherwise I’d be able to bless those who cursed me. It is more difficult to bless people in real than online, as people in real could hit you.

I haven’t become holy enough to ‘turn the other cheek’. But I have reduced a large portion of my ego online. Oh, the trolls would carry on! They make fun of my disabilities, even saying that I can ‘snap out of it.’ How they don’t understand mental illness!

But otherwise, I’d say statements like ‘forgive me, it is all my fault,’ ‘yes, yes, these accusations are just and true,’ or ‘have mercy on me.’ I learnt these things somewhere on Orthodoxy online.

But trolling is a lot worse on YouTube. They know English well, so they can have unlimited narcissism.

I wrote this post at a friend’s request. Chao!


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