Bugging people

A nice lady on WordPress complimented me and said I was good at writing. I feel blessed by the compliment!

Strangely, when I was just writing the above sentence, I was thinking about a dream I had recently. I was yelling curses at a high school assembly, and I was so scared that they’d blow me up! But then I woke up, I think.

Anyway, that nice friend had a blog on marketing. I have made about 5 AUD in art sales and 45 AUD in book sales. I sold a worthless art piece that I drew for 5 AUD in a mental health art exhibition. I sold about 7 books, 5 for 5 AUD each 2 for 10 AUD each.

I was trying to sell more books at an English conversation group last Friday. I definitely felt like I was bugging people! They are just unused books that I’ve finished reading. The people at the conversation group didn’t want to buy the books. So sad for me! Fortunately, I’m still receiving a disability support pension, so that is keeping me afloat.

I receive the disability support pension because I have psychiatric impairment. I tried to kill myself in 2006, 2007 and 2017. Those are when I had psychotic episodes.

I haven’t made any money through PayPal donations. I almost sold some more artwork, but the buyer refused to meet up, so I didn’t get to sell them to that person!

If you want to help me, my paypal is paypal.me/iakovoskriegor

God bless all of you!


2 Replies to “Bugging people”

  1. I’ve been on a disability pension for the last year and a half or so. The application process was a major hassle, and I sometimes worry that they’ll decide at some point that they’ll need me to prove I’m still disabled and that will be a hassle too.

    1. Yeah, I can imagine the stress. Fortunately I live with parents, and have never been married, I have a good relationship with my parents, so for now I’m able to stay at home until the far future. God bless you.

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