On vainglory

It is 4 days before my depot injection. I think I’m going manic. My mind feels accelerated. I was able to do more turn spinning kicks when I was with my sparring partner. It’s like the medication didn’t affect my dexterity so much.

Maybe it is due to me taking nicotinamide. I’m not sure if that is how you spell it. I wanted a vitamin that would help my mental well-being. I asked for vitamin B3 or niacin from the local pharmacy, and they said nicotinamide is niacin, essentially.

I just hope my increased performance and social extroversion is not due to mania! I’ve been praying more, especially from prayer books in the Orthodox church. I have been going to church more regularly. I have increased energy. So far I haven’t got in any trouble…. yet…

I think tomorrow, I’ll go buy some 3mg tablets of paliperidone. I have also not been sleeping so much as before. The 3mg tablets should make me more drowsy, so I can sleep for a full 10 hours, as what I’m used to.

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