My fall

When I was at the peak of my mental health breakdown, I weighed 58kg and was 180cm tall. That’s 5’11” in imperial measurements. But fortunately, when I got put on medications, I gained weight to about 80kg. Usually while I was manic in the 9 months leading up to my breakdown, my weight hovered around 60kg. Now I’m 120.2kg. But that wasn’t the heaviest I’ve been.

If I’m not careful with what I eat during the day, I can weigh up to 123kg. So I prefer my weight to always be less than 120kg, because that was twice as much as I weighed when I was acutely unwell.

Well, no girl wanted to date me, even when I was 60kg. It is my own fault. As a man who is a 3 out of 10 in looks, I think I should of stuck to celibacy always. It has been so embarrassing to ask out so many women in my time, only to be rejected.

I apologize to the many women I’ve made uncomfortable. I pray I’m not seedy anymore.


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