Throat’s dry

Just kidding. I have a mild sore throat. Throat’s dry is a common expression in the Borderlands 2 downloadable content titled ‘Oasis’. It was said by the criminals in Captain Scarlett’s crew.

So yeah, I have another sore throat. But at least my ears aren’t sore. My dad is particularly badly hit, even though he has been quadruple vaxxed against Covid, and had his flu shot this year. I’ve been triple vaxxed, and had my flu shot, yet I still get sick.

I really do enjoy playing Borderlands 2. I downloaded a number of mods for Borderlands 2 for about 11 AUD. It was worth it. I enjoy playing repetitive MMORPGFPS games. FPS means first person shooter. RPG means role playing genre. I don’t know what MMO stands for.

God bless you all. Hope all of you in the southern hemisphere are not suffering from cold and flu like symptoms!


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