A psychiatrist once said that schizoaffective disorder had a better outcome than schizophrenia. I think he was wrong. It’s ok to be depressed, as you keep to yourself, but it’s not ok to be manic, where you act socially inappropriate.

During a manic episode, the schizoaffective is NOT joyful, content, or happy. They are still suffering, but they have bloated confidence, so they are less afraid to express their hidden violent tendencies. The schizoaffective may see a police officer in the street, hallucinate they said something rude to them, then may attack them, getting himself knocked out in the process. Mania is not good for you.

As much as I disapprove of what police officers do, based on reports by friends of the family of how police officers have spoken to them and treated them, police officers are not as bad as police in other countries. If you don’t commit a crime, they will leave you alone.


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